Personal Branding and Social Media

We live in a branded world. That’s a nice Porsche 911 you have or I like your new Ralph Polo Sweater you’re wearing and again that Cartier Watch you have on must have cost. We are all branded, branded, branded. With the advent of Web 2.0 and the age of the individual we are all brands, brands, brands.

Developing and building your personal brand has never been so important as it is today. It is a different world with different dynamics such as the Web and Social Media.

When ever you apply for a Job, tender for a contract or generally try to get on in the world today, the chances are that “Your Going To Get Googled” by the hire/recruitment manager or by anyone that is thinking of doing any kind of business with you.

Corporate and/or Personal Career Building Now Demands Personal On-line Branding.

The starting point for developing Brand Me! * is to register you’re domain name (i.e.

You will need to set up your own blog site and include, photos, videos, a brand statement, bio and attributes. This will help you position and differentiate yourself from the crowd.

The next thing you need to do is lock down all your social media URL’s. You will definitely need to sign up to Linkedin, Facebook, Blogger, Twitter, WordPress, Flickr, Digg and Gmail.

To bring it all together, you will need to develop, build and host your blog site. You will need a WordPress Themed Template, some PHP coding and Hosting including 3 MySQL databases with WordPress installed.

Finally, you need to Google yourself to see what is already written about you. This is called your digital reputation and can be harmful if not managed. Any posts that carry detrimental information about you should be directly challenged and potentially sued. It is always best to come to an amicable arrangement that will convince them to remove the dirt.

You must keep on top of your digital brand management and resolve any problems before they become harmful.

Now you are good to go, start blogging and promoting yourself. You should spend at least one hour per day on your Social Media sit